Meston Performance Horse Futurity Incentive Program

Meston Performance Horses is pleased to offer our clients a new and exciting incentive program. As we do not have any of our stallions nominated to incentive programs, we have established our own. With the diversity that our horses exhibit, we feel this is the best way to congratulate and recognize those who ride horses from our program.

This incentive is for any rope or barrel racing horse, competing at the futurity level. Please review the following rules:

1. The first person to win a futurity at a recognized barrel racing or roping (team roping, header or heeler, or tie down) in 2021 on a Meston Performance Horse will win an incentive of $1000, from Meston Performance Horses. Proof of horse’s entry and placing will be required.

2. Horse needs to be purchased directly from Meston Performance Horses. (IE: Cannot be purchased from 3rd party) Funds will be awarded to the titled owner of the horse, not the exhibitor.

3. If incentive funds are not awarded in 2021, it will be rolled in to 2022, where two prizes of $1000 will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd persons to win a futurity. This will continue until all money is awarded, at which point the single prize of $1000/year will be made available again.

4. This incentive is only available to horses competing at the futurity level in Canada. Derbies and rodeos do not qualify.

5. Meston Performance Horses, its owners, directors and those associated, reserve the right to make changes to this program at any time.

This is a new endeavor for us, it is natural that this program will evolve over time. If you are attending a futurity this year with your Meston horse, please send us a message with the details, so we can compile a list of qualifying events. While we are not including competitions in the US in this year’s incentive program, it is something we are aware of, and will include if there is a need in the future.