Our Studs

"Eddie" had a lot of money won on him while he was in Arizona and while we did not have him for long he gave us some outstanding colts. He produces colts with great minds, speed and versatility.

We purchased "Drifty" from Don Woitte and while Drifty was not with us long the colts that he produced are outstanding. They have great minds and excel at whatever job you give them.

"Ike" is our 6  year old stud horse we bought out of Colorado and we are very impressed by his athleticism and disposition. He has won money at almost every jackpot he's been entered in so far. His colts are also stunning!

"Tucker" is our 4 year old stud. He has a great mind and is very athletic. He has been giving us some really nice colts, we are very excited for their future!


Here are a few of our mares, many of them are foundation bred. We have been very happy with the quality of colts they have produced.










Tiffany Butler

Miss Pacific Dirft

Little Drift Chick


Ladywood Drifter