Wendy Playfair

I have purchased 3 horses from Meston's so far, the first two have become top 1D barrel horses, placing in multiple barrel futurities and derbies and earning rodeo money and the one was an FCA finalist. My other Meston horse is a yearling but is very personable and seems very trainable. I am hopeful and excited for her future. They are hard working, well put together and very trainable horses. Having Meston horses in my program has changed my life and I highly recommend their horses and look forward to adding more in the future!


Brittany Strandquist

I purchased Jag Drifter as a 2 year old at the first Meston Performance Horse open house. I have rode horses my whole life and was ready to take on the challenge of a young horse and Drifter was the perfect learning experience. He had a great first start on him and was a joy to train. Extremely willing to learn, eager to please and such a good mind, many times I forgot he was so young. He went to his first branding at 3 yrs old and first rodeo barrel run at 4, and acts like he's done it his whole life. 

The Meston family have raised smart, athletic and honest horses that are a pleasure to ride and able to perform in many ways, whether that be in the roping pen, barrel pen or out in the pasture. I would recommend their horses to anyone, and would be glad to own many more of my own in the future.

Thank you to Brittany on her purchase of TWO Meston Performance Horses! Jag Drifter and Major Cash Buck. We love seeing you in the barrel and roping pen on our horses!

So proud of the Meston Performance Horse team- they won 2nd at the Stettler Ranch Rodeo in February 2015. Three of the four horses were Meston horses. Great job guys! Jenner Meston, Logan Kary, Levi Harbin and Josee Meston.

Meston horses that made the short go at the 2016 ABRA finals.